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Individual Property Reports

Property Data At Your Fingertips

REDS is a county assessor’s office, county recorder’s office, a foreclosure trustee office and mini title company all in one.

Our individual reports service enables you to pull multiple property and ownership reports for any property across the country. These reports contain a number of different data sets such as current owner, ownership transfer history, voluntary/involuntary lien history, personal judgments, bankruptcies, pre-foreclosure history, property characteristics, county tax assessment data and the document images of any deed contained in these reports.  These reports are perfect for the HOA collections process or individual investor, and we offer them to you at very competitive prices.  Most importantly there is no monthly minimum.  You pay only for what is used.

On Demand Reports:

  1. Property ID Report (REDS 100) –  View Sample
  2. Current Owner Report (REDS 200) – View Sample
  3. Ownership Transfer Summary Report (REDS 300) – View Sample
  4. Foreclosure History Report (REDS 400) – View Sample
  5. Foreclosure Status Report (REDS 450) – View Sample
  6. Property History Report (REDS 500) – View Sample
  7. Voluntary / Involuntary Bankruptcy Report (REDS 600) – View Sample
  8. Plot Parcel Map
  9. Document Image (Document image on file with county assessor)
  10. Special Request – Ownership History
  11. Special Request – Ownership Verification