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HOA Property Monitoring

Discover undetected ownership transfers leading to potential revenue opportunities.

Property Reports

Quick access to detailed property information with a click of a button.

Document Images & Retrieval

Easy access to recorded documents throughout the country.

Increase Revenue Opportunities & Office Efficiencies

Revenue Opportunity for the HOA Industry

Statistics show that there are a number of recorded ownership transfer documents that are not reported to HOA management or self-managed HOA boards.

The REDS “Property Monitoring System” highlights the missed transfers and provides the latest property owner information based on  documents recorded by the county recorder’s office.  

Clients who charge an ownership transfer fee are introduced to a new revenue source previously undetected without REDS.

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Ownership Transfers “Proactive vs. Reactive”

Current HOA management processes take a reactive approach to managing owner information and depend entirely on title companies or attorneys requesting information for a new owner.  

Using REDS and their proactive property monitoring system, a daily report is provided for all change of ownership transactions.  The report takes the guesswork out of property owner recordkeeping and provides efficiency to your staff and revenue to your bottom line. 

Non-Title Agency Transfers

Property Monitoring

Many ownership and foreclosure documents are recorded without management knowledge.  Our property monitoring system ensures you don’t miss the recorded documents and the benefits they bring your business.

1.  Advanced notice of all properties going in or out of foreclosure. 

2. Revenue opportunities generated from the transfers in question.  

3. Daily notification of transfers.

4. Catching new owners early can help reduce delinquencies from past owners. 

5. Having unauthorized board members and voters at board meetings is eliminated.

6. Legal issues are averted by ensuring staff has the most up-to-date property information.

7. Collection process is improved.

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Property Reports

REDS is a county assessor’s office, county recorder’s office, a foreclosure trustee office and mini title company all in one. Our individual reports service provides property and ownership data for properties across the county.

1.  Property ID Report (REDS 100)
2.  Current Owner Report (REDS 200)
3.  Ownership Transfer Summary Report (REDS 300)
4.  Foreclosure History Report (REDS 400)
5.  Foreclosure Status Report (REDS 450)
6.  Property History Report (REDS 500)
7.  Voluntary / Involuntary Bankruptcy Report (REDS 600)
8.  Parcel Map Report
9.  Document Image
10 Custom reports upon request

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A few things we’re great at

Daily monitoring & reporting, alerting you to key changes across all monitored properties

Ownership and Foreclosure

Status Updates

Take the guess work out of property transfers and foreclosure status changes

HOA Collections Data

Made Easy

Save time and reduce costs using our property collections monitoring system

Property Reports

and more…

Large selection of nationwide property reports available 24/7

In 2008, the REDS team set out to find the best solution for challenges faced by community managers.

In collaboration with community management companies and self-managed HOAs nationwide, we created a one-of-a-kind web-based foreclosure and ownership tracking system for the community association industry. To round out the needs of the industry, we then provided access to individual property reports used for the HOA collections process.  

REDS Service lets our clients focus on their core business of managing communities and properties. 

Our clients tell us our service has helped them:
* Increase their credibility with their HOA boards
* Improve their staff efficiency
* Keep their delinquency rates low
* Generate new revenue


Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Working with REDS allows our members to make informed, proactive decisions concerning our membership’s delinquent assessments. This has resulted in a significant drop in our community’s delinquencies, lowered our board’s legal fees and kept us in the loop as to who the actual owner of our properties are. We no longer feel we are reacting in the dark – REDS allows us to stay on top of the situation and on budget.

Annette Arnce, Board President

Diamond Ridge II, Phoenix AZ

Before using REDS our only option was to purchase reports from data companies that charged minimum monthly report fees based on standard report bundles. This meant that we had to pay for reports that we did not need and it always ended up costing more than expected. With REDS Individual Report Service there is no minimum fee and we only pay for the reports we actually need. Consequently our data costs have been cut substantially.

Madeline Orey, Collections Supervisor

Community Legal Advisors

In the past many non-title transfers on our properties went unnoticed and unrecorded in our accounting system. Now using REDS, we are confident our ownership records are accurate and up to date.  The fee structure we implemented to process these new transfers has brought us new revenue we never had before.

Roy Helsing, President

The Helsing Group

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The Secret of Success

Real Estate Data Solutions (REDS) has been in business for over 10 years.  We have helped our customers increase their revenue, streamline operations and partnered together for mutual success.  The data provided by REDS is accurate, timely and available 24/7.

Nationwide Coverage

HOA and property-related information for every state and county within the United States.

Property Monitoring

We take the guesswork out of property transfers and foreclosure status, alerting you to ownership transfers and foreclosure status changes that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Industry Reports

Key Industry reports available for properties nationwide.  When you’re looking for the detail we’re ready.

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